How does "There Will Come Soft Rains" comment upon humanity now while presenting a disturbing image of the future?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the fascinating aspects about dystopian society is the way that it takes one aspect of our society today and extrapolates that feature into the future, painting a picture of a future dystopia that acts as a kind of warning about what our society could look like if we carry on the way that we are going or fail to moderate or curb our more concerning excesses. This story is no exception. The biggest comment that Bradbury seems to be makign about our present is the way that technology is dominating our society, and what that says about us.

Consider the tremendous irony in the tale. There are no human characters that feature in this story, and this reinforces the irony. The same technical genius that was responsible for the creation of a house that carries on doing the normal household tasks without the need for humans is also responsible for the technological creation of weapons that can completely annihilate humanity. Thus this story set in a chilling future where all mankind has been wiped out is actually more about the present than anything else. Technological innovations are certainly incredible, Bradbury seems to be saying, however, without wisdom and common sense to temper our sense of scientific hubris, we face a very uncertain and precarious future in our world.

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