"there's man all over for you,blaming on his boots the faults of his feet."- elucidate the statement

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Vladimir's philosophical statement reveals much about the nature of the human condition.  In the many different elements that define the drama, I think that one of the most significant is its statement on what it means to be human.  This exploration of the human predicament is where Vladimir's statement can find its greatest relevance.  The basic premise of the quote is one in which human beings are creatures that cannot embrace the responsibility for their own condition.  The idea of blaming the boots for the faults of the feet helps to illuminate this.  The boots are constructions of human beings, designed to conceal or protect the feet.  The faults of the feet, intrinsic to human beings, cannot be immediately embraced.  Rather, it becomes easier to shelve off blame onto the boots.  Even though the fault, the acceptance of responsibility should be with the feet, it is the boots that receive blame.  This statement helps to bring out how the idea of "waiting" extends to not wanting to take responsibility.  Put in another way, the desire to live in "bad faith," as Sartre would say, is one in which individuals seek to relegate responsibility to other realms, as opposed to taking it on themselves.  Vladimir's philosophical insight about the nature of human beings is relevant to both his own characterization and the understanding of what it means to be human as a theme of the drama, as well.

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