In "There Will Come Soft Rains," what are the timed activities in the house? 

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In "There Will Come Soft Rains," the house's timed activities reflect the routine of the average family.

The first event of the house's timed sequence of work takes place at seven in the morning.  The house wakes its inhabitants.  Nine minutes later, the house prepares breakfast.  At a minute past eight, it reminds the children to get ready for school. The attached weatherbox explains to the children what clothes they will need based on the climate outside.  In today's case, they need to prepare for rain.  

At half past eight, the house starts its process of cleaning. The first area is the kitchen as it removes the uneaten food.  At a quarter past nine, the cleaning extends to the whole house with vacuuming and dusting.  By ten, the house is clean.  Its focus moves to the house's exterior fifteen minutes later. At noon, the dog is allowed into the house, something that is not going to happen again because it dies.  

The house offers a time reminder at two.  Fifteen minutes later, the dog's body is incinerated, while at 2:35, the house prepares for bridge.  Tables emerge, and playing cards materialize along with martinis and sandwiches. The game ends at four in the afternoon, which is the same time as the children's hour.  The house draws a bath at five in the evening.  

The evening activities commence for the next three hours. This involves a fire in the hearth, the lighting of cigars and taking out the dishes for evening supper.  Bedtime is at 9:00 when the beds are warmed in anticipation for people going to sleep.  Five minutes later, the house recites a poem.  At 10:00 PM, the house begins to recede into slumber, winding down its activities for the day.  These activities mirror what a typical family would experience.  The times and activities at each interval reflect a day in the life of an average family.

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