How does Ray Bradbury portray technology in the story "There Will Come Soft Rains?"  

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Bradbury depicts the dual nature of technology by illustrating both its beneficial and destructive aspects, which are completely dependent on humanity's intentions and whims. Bradbury begins the story by vividly describing the automated smart home, which efficiently cooks and cleans the home. The technologically advanced home's primary function is to improve the standard of living and make the family's life seamless and efficient. The automated smart home and its advanced functions illustrate the positive aspects of technology, which significantly improve the human experience.

However, Bradbury brilliantly sets the automated, convenient smart home in the wake of a nuclear holocaust, where it is the last house standing and the entire family has been turned to ashes with the rest of the surrounding area. As the technologically advanced home carries on its routine duties, the surrounding landscape is a glowing wasteland. The devastating effects of the atomic explosion illustrate the...

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