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 Is there a website that specifically focuses in on helping single parents to do their studies, manage time, etc.? Thanks I am attending an online school and wanted some advice or suggestions on how to make this work with my personal daily schedule. Sometimes, I find it difficult to complete because I have my family to care for. I know it is possible, but I just need some guidance in how to make this work. Perhaps, anyone out there have experience something similar or can offer some tips on what they have learned.  Thank you

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Currently, I am a teacher, working on my Master's, while raising two children. I understand your concerns regarding time management. What works for me is denoting specific times to all of the things I need to do each day. Every day I plan for uninterrupted time with my children, time for studies, and time for work. Fortunately, my children are old enough to understand I have to work (a lot). I would suggest keeping a calender for the deadlines for projects, all of the family needs (like doctor appointments), and anything else you are trying to manage. By putting everything in one place you can identify what needs to be done every day. I will suggest trying not to get burnt out. Take a couple hours each week (even if it is 15 minutes here or there) to relax and unwind.

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