Were there wealthy and poor Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto?      

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Within the Warsaw Ghetto, there were Jews from all walks of life.  Doctors, academics, carpenters, and teachers were all stripped of their rights in areas occupied by Nazi Germany.  The ideology of hatred that the Nazi Party advocated did not distinguish between rich Jew and poor Jew, all that mattered was the Jewish part.  Warsaw was the home to the second largest population of Jewish people in the world and over 300,000 called the Polish capital home.  Within the population were Jews that were prosperous, living amongst those with fewer means.  With the German invasion of Poland in 1939, all of the Jews were required to live in a specific area of the city called a ghetto.  Jewish property was confiscated and their legal rights were stripped from them.  This happened to people from all socio-economic classes.  

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