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Are there ways in which indigenous demands are similar between Australia and New Zealand?

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There are similarities between the demands of indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand.  These similarities are also shared with indigenous movements in many other places.

In general, when outsiders came to various places, they conquered indigenous peoples and took control of the lands where they lived.  This happened in Australia and New Zealand as well as in places like Hawaii and the continental United States.  In all of these places, indigenous peoples were often denied a variety of basic rights.  These things set up conditions that led to the demands that are heard today.

In both New Zealand and Australia, there are demands for political equality.  In both places, there are demands for more self-government.  In both places, there are demands for a greater degree of control over the land and the resources that once belonged to the indigenous peoples.

In these ways, the demands of Australian Aborigines and the Maori of New Zealand are similar.

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