Is there a way to cite a question on eNotes MLA? It's because I asked some questions to help me on an essay, and I want to cite them. Can someone explain how I can do so?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Citing an electronic source in MLA format needs to adhere to the following format.

Last Name, First Name. "Name of Article." Name of Site. Name of institution, publisher, or affiliate (if provided/available), date. Medium of Publication. Date of access. 

For the name of the author, you will use the educator's alias/name. The article refers to the question asked. In regards to using eNotes, one must list eNotes as both the site and publisher. The date refers to the date which the answer is posted. Medium of publication refers to, in this case, the web. Date of access is when you (as the researcher) looked up the information. 

Therefore, citing this question in MLA format would look like this:

Literaturenerd. "Is there a way to site a question on eNotes MLA." eNotes. eNotes, 31 August 2013. Web. 31 August 2013.