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In the 1970s, there was a wider diversity of movements that followed some of the victories from the 1960s. In your initial post, identify and describe a particular movement or challenge from the 1970s. How did this movement differ from the movement in the early to mid-1960s? What new challenges did they face? How did their tactics differ? What victories did they achieve?

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The feminist movement of the 1960s was dominated by white women. Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, written in 1963, is often credited with initiating this movement. The Feminine Mystique documented the toll that having nothing meaningful to do had on well-to-do white housewives. It had little connection with the reality of most black women's lives. Friedan founded the National Organization of Woman in 1966 and was its president for its first four years. 

In 1973, a group of black feminists founded the National Black Feminist Organization, a group which did not feel that the 1960s feminist movement or the 1960s civil rights movement met their needs. They reacted against the main feminist organizations, such as NOW, for being run by white women who were often, whether consciously or not, racist and discriminatory against black women. They also felt uncomfortable in the male-dominated civil rights movement, which they argued devalued women.They began to examine and articulate the...

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