Is there too much violence on TV, or is it just that we are giving people what they want?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that you post questions like this on the discussion boards so you can get multiple points of view.

My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with having violence on TV.  I, personally, do not approve of it, but other people like it.  In a free and democratic society, they should have the choice of watching it and I should have the choice to avoid it.

I do not really think that there is any benefit to showing violence on TV, but that is simply my opinion and my taste.  I do not think that my opinions should limit what other people can choose to watch.

Therefore, I think that the TV people are simply giving the viewers what they want and that there is no reason that we should prevent them from doing so.

Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I completely agree with #3 above.  I am appalled by the amount of violence on TV and am positive it will have a negative effect on our society in the long run.  While not part of the original question, I would also have to say the same for violence on video games.  Desensitizing people to acts of violence can have no possible positive outcome.

ibnstanford | Student

Is there too much violence on TV, or is it just that we are giving people what they want? Is there too much violence on TV, or is it just that we are giving people what they want?

This question sounds like an issue between nature and nurture. Is the attraction to watching violence something people are born with or is it a result of their environment? If you take the position that the amount of violence on TV is due to people’s desires, then you may be supporting nature as the cause. If you take the position that it is due to what TV produces have decided to provide, then you may be supporting nurture as the cause.

Let’s first examine what types of violence appears on TV. TV dramas contains a lot of violence. Some of the most popular shows are the most violent ones. They include police shows, medical shows, FBI shows, secret service shows, military shows, spy shows and gang shows. Cable TV features documentary shows covering violence between strangers, friends, neighbors, family members, organized crime gangs, street gangs, prison gangs and motorcycle gangs. News shows cover violence without the graphics. As the saying goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Although sports are for entertainment, some are violent. Football, boxing and wrestling are violent. In football, the more violent the play (without an injury), the more entertaining spectators find it. In boxing the more violent the punches (even with injury), the more spectators want to see it. A lack of violent or forceful play in these two sports, the more enticing it is found to be.

TV shows are without a doubt at least a reflection of parts of society. There are enough parts of the society who want and watch these programs to keep them on TV. So TV is giving a large enough segment of the population what they want in order to keep the shows on the air. TV is capitalizing on people’s attraction to violence. If society didn’t want to see the violence on TV, it could affect the ratings of the news stations and programmed stations.

headintheclouds | Student

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headintheclouds | Student

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earlyn | Student

I totally believe that there is too much violence on the television.  There are many children who spend a lot of time watching television and get exposed to violence.  The cartoon that children watch now have more violence than before and children sometimes believe what they see on television.

Also most shows and movies now have some kind violence.  Older generation didnot believe in the use of violence to solve problem but this generation now believe that violence is the first answer.  This is because of the major influence that violence on the television have shown them.  Violence is shown as a nice and good thing.