Is there too much violence on TV, or is it just that we are giving people what they want?

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I completely agree with #3 above.  I am appalled by the amount of violence on TV and am positive it will have a negative effect on our society in the long run.  While not part of the original question, I would also have to say the same for violence on video games.  Desensitizing people to acts of violence can have no possible positive outcome.

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I would suggest that you post questions like this on the discussion boards so you can get multiple points of view.

My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with having violence on TV.  I, personally, do not approve of it, but other people like it.  In a free and democratic society, they should have the choice of watching it and I should have the choice to avoid it.

I do not really think that there is any benefit to showing violence on TV, but that is simply my opinion and my taste.  I do not think that my opinions should limit what other people can choose to watch.

Therefore, I think that the TV people are simply giving the viewers what they want and that there is no reason that we should prevent them from doing so.

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