There are the three major kinds of standing plans: policies, rules, and a. Projects b. Programs c. Procedures d. Standards

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equeenan eNotes educator| Certified Educator


A standing plan is a plan that a business (generally) implement to deal with situations that can occur again and again. Looking at your question and this definition I am sure that there are two that can be ruled out immediately. If you want another reference that can provide you with more detail on standing plans and types of standing plans you can utilize it here. [i]


This link provides the definition of each word you are looking for and how it relates to standing plans.[ii] Both links provided should answer your questions with a little bit of investigation!





jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Standing plans are those plans in organizations that can be used repeatedly because they apply to situations that can arise more than once. They are unlike single-use plans, which can only be used for a specific period of time (such as a budget) or for a certain project. The three major kinds of standing plans are policies, rules, and answer "C," procedures. A policy establishes guidelines that define actions that meet the organizational goals. Rules refer to the actions that an employee must take in a certain situation. A procedure defines the actions that have to be followed to accomplish a goal. Projects and programs are not kinds of standing plans, as they are single-use in nature; that is, they are meant to be followed for a specific task or a specific period of time but are not meant to be used repeatedly.