This Side of Paradise Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Referring to This Side of Paradise, what would be a good thesis drawing from the essay "The Dominating Intention" in the criticism section?

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This Side of Paradise is F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel, published in 1920.

"The Dominating Intention" is an essay by Barry Gross, originally published in the textbook Novels for Students in 1969, and reproduced with permission onĀ in the Study Guide section, under Criticism.

Since "The Dominating Intention" is itself a critical essay, it should only be used to inform a separated thesis statement. You should not simply copy the thesis from the essay, but you can support your own argument with properly attributed quotes from the essay to show how other scholars think.

One very good thesis statement for the novel would involve the protagonist 's search for meaning in his life; Gross refers to this as "a deliberate and necessary search...

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