Is there a specific quote that describes a witch in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?  

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Of course, there is no actual "witch" in this story, which deals more with the ignorance, prejudice and bitterness of characters who are happy to point the finger of witchery against those who are different to them. There are a number of quotes in this story where characters are accused of being witches, and one of the chapters you might like to re-read would be Chapter 17, where the crowd of irate villagers comes to Matthew Wood's door and asks for his help in chasing down Hannah, the Puritan woman who lives by the meadow and away from the rest of the town. Note how they talk about her:

Time and again she's been seen consorting with the devil down in that meadow!

Now she's put a curse on our children. God knows how many more will be dead before morning!

Although of course these claims are completely untrue, they do show the hysteria of the villagers and the way that they are all too hasty to point the finger at an innocent in order to explain what is going on around them. 

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