Is there something wrong with the political system when politicians have disagreements and start making deals?  political science

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No, these things do not show that something is wrong with the system.  Many people think they do, but I do not agree with those people.

Our political system must have politicians who disagree.  It would not be healthy to have all politicians agree on everything because it would mean that we had become a one-party state with essentially no political competition.

But it is also absolutely necessary that our politicians who disagree do make deals.  Our country is too badly split at this point for any one party to be able to push its agenda through Congress without any support from the other party.  Therefore, we have a choice between having politicians make deals or getting nothing at all done.

Our politicians should disagree because we disagree and they represent us.  But they should also compromise with one another because our country is made up of people on both sides and neither side ought to completely have its own way.


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