Nadine Gordimer

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Is there a short story called The Children by Nadine Gordimer?

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I am pretty familiar with several of Nadine Gordimer's collections, and thought I could find this short story for you fairly easily; however, I could not find it listed in the collections that I examined. 

Nadine Gordimer's list of short story collections include these works:

 Face to Face (1949)

Town and Country Lovers

The Soft Voice of the Serpent (1952)

Six Feet of the Country (1956)

Which New Era Would That Be? (1956)

Friday's Footprint (1960)

Not for Publication (1965)

Livingstone's Companions (1970)

Selected Stories (1975)

No Place Like: Selected Stories (1978)

A Soldier's Embrace (1980)

Something Out There (1984)

Correspondence Course and other Stories (1984)

The Moment Before the Gun Went Off (1988)

Once Upon a Time (1989)

Jump: And Other Stories (1991)

Why Haven't You Written: Selected Stories 1950-1972 (1992)

Something for the Time Being 1950-1972 (1992)

Loot and Other Stories (2003)

Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black (2007)

One of her more well-known short stories that I really enjoyed is "Once Upon a Time" from the collectionJump: And Other Stories.  IThis story is written as an almost reverse fairytale, concerning her views on apartheid in South Africa. 

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