There are several types of leaders. Discuss different types of leaders and discuss which types you feel are the most effective. 

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would argue that a leader cannot be truly effective if they have only one style of leadership or are only one type of leader.   Leadership requires flexibility.  It requires the ability to adapt one’s style of leadership and to be a different type of leader at different times.

For example, it is sometimes important to be a “drill sergeant” sort of a leader demanding that your subordinates do what you say and do it immediately. This is clearly necessary at times when a subordinate is willfully going against policy or at times when swift action is absolutely necessary.  If you try to be a leader who seeks consensus at such times, you will not be effective.

But this sort of style of leadership will wear on all your subordinates after a while.  People will get tired of your bullying and you will stop being effective.  Therefore, it is necessary to, at times, be a leader who encourages subordinates and builds relationships with them.  This sort of a leader will probably do better than the authoritarian leader in normal times when there is nothing hugely urgent going on.

For these reasons, I do not think that any type of leader is best at all times.  I believe that the best leaders have the ability to display different types or styles of leadership at different times.