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Is there a rhyme scheme in "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant" by Emily Dickinson? Does this poem use slant rhymes?

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The rhyme scheme of Emily Dickinson’s poem “Tell all the Truth but Tell it slant—” seems relatively straightforward at first. Line 2 clearly rhymes with line 4, while line 6 obviously rhymes with line 8.  The poem thus seems to have a rhyme scheme of a/b/c/b/d/e/f/e. In other words, the first two even-numbered lines rhyme with one another, as do the final two even-numbered lines. Meanwhile, none of the odd-numbered lines rhyme. This kind of unusual rhyme scheme is typical of Dickinson, whose works are also unconventional in many other ways.

Notice, however, that Dickinson plays more tricks with sounds than might...

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