Is there a relationship of art, beauty and violence in Hedda Gabler? 

Expert Answers
renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

  Thea possesses a beauty, both on the inside and out, but it is her inner beauty that allows her love for Eilert to ruin her reputation. She leaves her loveless marriage to help reform Eilert. His drinking and scandalous behavior obstruct his ability to accomplish his art, writing. Thea sees that Eilert wants to do well, and out of love for him, invests her time and energy in trying to help him accomplish this. The violence of Eilert's self-inflicted gunshot wound, is a direct result from Thea's resignation that she cannot help him. By withdrawing her love, although he did not love her, ruined any chance of his being able to perfect his art.

cupid | Student

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