Is there a protagonist, and if so, is he static or dynamic in "Soldier's Home"?  

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Krebs, the protagonist of Ernest Hemingway's "A Soldier's Home," is simultaneously static and dynamic. A static character does not change over the course of a work of literature while a dynamic character does, according to the definitions of the literary terms. Krebs, however, is a soldier returning home from the horrors of World War I; he is so changed that he cannot engage with his old world, which appears to have carried on without him. Krebs is a static character because he is stunted emotionally, but he is dynamic because he continues to respond internally to the pressures of the outside world.

Krebs, thanks to his war experiences in Europe during World War I, is unable to continue his development from a young man into an adult, and this stunted state is what makes the story interesting and meaningful. Ironically, Krebs may be stunted, but so are the people at home who demonstrate little interest in the experiences that have altered Krebs so completely; they are blunted to the horrors...

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