Is there a place where life exists on Earth without being affected by UV radiation?

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It's difficult to provide a concrete answer to this question because we aren't actively monitoring the presence of life and the presence of UV radiation at every point on the Earth. We also haven't fully explored the Earth to the point that we can say we know exactly where life does and does not exist. There is also no guarantee that any point on Earth is completely free of UV radiation at all times.

However, we can safely assume that there are at least two environments that would be significantly shielded from UV radiation; the deep ocean, and underground, such as in caves or in the Earth itself. We know that bacteria and archaea can exist at extreme temperatures and depths, and explorations of the deep ocean have shown that life does exist there, albeit sparsely.

It should be noted that, in an evolutionary context, life probably did not originate in these locations, but expanded into them after developing in a location with more exposure to UV radiation.

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