Is there a place for decision support and artificial intelligence techniques in small specialty businesses?

Expert Answers
farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Complex artificial intelligence based decision support systems will remain for the time being the domain of larger business organizations and operations. However due to the proliferation of more advanced technology tools and techniques as well as lowering of costs, smaller organizations are able to get access to these tools. Any system that decreases the need for human interaction and increases automation is usually beneficial to the overall bottom line. Even small operations can benefit from decision support systems and artificial intelligence. Take for example a small speciality mom and pop candy store, such a business could benefit from decision support systems like:

  1. Automated on-line e-commerce store for ordering
  2. A CRM system to automatically manage customers, vendors and send targeted marketing
  3. An automatic telephone answering system to take customer order or redirect customer inquiries to the appropriate mailbox
  4. An analytics tool that helps them determine who too market their products to and when to do so

 These are just some of the many examples and options available and that can be obtained within the budget of smaller operations.