Is there a place to ask basic questions on writing in English?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Enotes have a couple of locations to which you can direct your questions regarding writing in English:  The Essay Lab Group and the Grammar Group. 

You can access the first one by simply typing in the Search window the words Essay Lab.  Then, when the next page comes up, scroll down to Essay Lab Questions and Answers and click on this.  Or, you can access it by typing in this address:  (The link is also provided below.)  The discussion group can be accessed at

The Grammar Group can be accessed in a similar fashion.  That is, type in Grammar Questions in the search window at the top of this page.  Or, you may wish to use the address,   Or, you can go the discussion page at

Do not neglect to look over other questions than yours that have been answered as there may be something which will help you.  You can easily search either the question or the discussion groups of these two categories by typing in your question in the search box.  If it has been previously answered, the appropriate question will appear.

james2011 | Student

follow this hints, language arts is what I want.