In a speech, what would refute the idea that there is no relevance to Pakistani culture today?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited down.  I invite you to resubmit the other half in its own question.  In any speech, I would suggest that a great argument to be made against the charge of irrelevancy of culture.  Such a charge moves us closer to a despotic or tyrannical condition in making such a claim.  Some of the worst crimes in history have been justified with the idea that a particular culture had no relevance.  This has been used to wipe it out.  I would suggest that  a very compelling and beautiful note of conclusion to the speech can be formed out of the idea that all cultures possess some level of relevancy.  Our demand and responsibility in a globalized world is to better understand all cultures in a world where borders are becoming less meaningful.

Outside of this, I think that one could make a clear argument that Pakistani culture is highly relevant.  Understanding the culture of Pakistan is something that can help to build bridges to a  marketplace where greater commercial investment can yield positive results.  Certainly, Pakistan's untapped potential as becoming a large marketplace rests in understanding its cultural implications.  This is where Pakistan's culture becomes highly relevant.  From a culturally aesthetically point of view, any culture that uses the ancient language of Urdu, a means of communicating that can serve as a bridge between Hindi and Arabic, is highly relevant on a cultural and linguistic level.  These points could help to substantiate the idea that there is a high degree of relevance to the culture of Pakistan.