There is no one best leadership style. Leadership theory helps us understand the different types of leaders and define their characteristics from diverse perspectives. Identify a well-known leader and briefly describe the characteristics that best differentiate him/her from others. Apply Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, Path-Goal Theory, Normative Decision Theory and Visionary Leadership to this leader’s style. Determine which theory best describes the leader you identified.

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Angela Merkel has been in the news more and more lately, and it's not hard to see why. In 2015, she won TIME Magazine's person of the year award. As the Chancellor of Germany at age 59, she may be one of the most influential and successful world leaders today. Not only is she young, she has been, for all practical purposes, the leader of the European Union for about 9 years now. Her major accomplishments have been managing Europe's debt crisis, keeping the European Union intact, and managing to set Greece on the path to recovery from the brink of collapse.

Merkel is certainly one of the most powerful and influential female leaders in the world today, and this is due in part to her ability to negotiate under extreme pressure, her willingness to stand alone as a minority voice, her ability to "lead from behind," her unflinching dedication to her own values, and attention to hard data. All of this, coupled with her steadfast determination and calm demeanor have helped make her a...

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