Are there natural remedies for controlling high blood pressure in addition to drugs?

sciencesolve | Student

Prevention or treatment of high blood pressure includes treatment and control of factors that could influence it, such as diet, stress level and daily exercises.

There exists many herbal treatments that can support the medication, but the medical advice is always required, since the intake of large amounts of some herbs could interfere with the medication or even worse, they can produce dangerous side effects.

One natural remedy that can decrease the blood pressure level is considered basil extract. It's effects are only briefly and it has no side effects. It can be added in diet routine since it has delicious fresh taste and aroma.

Cinnamon is another healthy remedy that can be used by the people having high blood pressure associated with diabetes. Cinnamon brings natural flavor enhancements to many types of food, hence, it would be better to be added in the daily diet, to notice long term effects.

Garlic is other important natural remedy, in case if increased blood pressure, since it can cause the blood vessels to dilate. Because of it's strong smell, garlic can cause cholecyst problems.

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