What is the name for the occupation of people who research cures for diseases?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A biomedical scientist seeks to explore the human body in order to find cures for diseases.

There are research scientists in every field of medicine, but a biomedical scientist specializes in finding cures for human diseases. Biomedical research involves finding patterns in the body in order to use that information to treat diseases. 

Biomedical scientists might also study other organisms to find ways to cure human diseases.  For example, a biomedical scientist working in microbiology might study diseases caused by microbes.

The Institute for Biomedical Science sets standards for professionals through a code of conduct, and also standards for courses in education in biomedical sciences. 

Those who work in biomedical science require and expect expert guidance from their professional body which should provide leadership and help ensure safe and effective practice for quality patient care. (http://www.ibms.org)

Like any doctor or scientist, the biomedical scientist’s first goal is to ensure that anyone treated, either as a research participant or as a patient, needs to get the highest level of care.  This is a very important profession, as we have been able to cure many diseases and develop new treatments for others.

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