In "Fahreneheit 451" is there more the one protagonist and antoganist?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you break the novel up into two distinct categories-those who live in the society and promote its ideals (which, since this is a dystopian commentary, could be considered the main force of antagonism), and those who go against the society and its ideals (the protagonist side), you can begin to see that there are are numerous characters under each category.  Montag is the main protagonist, and most likely it is Beatty who is the main antagonist.  However, there are forces and people that aid, promote, and make those two characters possible.  Clarisse and Faber are crucial elements in Montag's role in the novel; they are protagonistic forces.  The society itself, its people, the government, and Beatty's own disillusionment can be considered antagonistic forces that push Beatty to do what he does.  Mildred and her friends are also antagonists, since they report Montag the the fire station, which pushed Montag over the brink into open rebellion.  

It is important to keep in mind though that none of these characters are cut-and-dry "good" or "evil".  Remember, Montag was a fireman once.  Mildred herself is miserable, and a victim of their society.  Beatty is a highly-read man.  Faber himself admitted that he was a coward.  So each of these characters has flaws, which makes the entire story more well-rounded and engaging.