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Are there examples of metaphor, imagery &/or connotation in the poem "That Country"?

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Yes there are examples of all three elements in this poem.

To review, a metaphor is comparing two unlike things wherein one thing is said to be the other. Examples of metaphor in this poem include:

the victors got drunk
they came & came
the words were never
the same again

An edgy
feeling. A coin
on its
speaking up

Imagery is the use of language to create strong visual connections about which the author is writing in the readers mind. Examples of imagery include:

My penmanship
sharpens up. I go to
Slowly the words appear
on a line.

Personification is to give human characteristics to non-human things. The following is an example of this:

The second l in really
staggered into a y
the letters got

The connotation (what is implied here) is that there are so many things of common nature between the two lands, the two cultures, the two citizens that it seems ridiculous that there is so much enmity in the mind of the speaker (who probably speaks for a lot of citizens)

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