there are many different types of cells in living things. What advantage is it to have specialised cells?

pranitingale | Student

♦ As our body is a multicellular one, we ar made up of millions of different kinds of cell. These cells in a group called tissue perform some srecified and particular function given to them. Division of labour can be seen among different organs of our cell built up for different functioning.

• A particular cell performs its perticular function in our body. Due to this our efficiency of performing certain task increses.

• As in unicellular organisms all the life processes takes place iside a single cell such as nutrition, respiration, excretion etc. The work in this manner is not performed so efficiently as in multicellular organisms.

example :-  We know that since we locomote our energy requirement is higher than compares to other organisms. cells which constitutes our heart gave us the partiton to us so that oxygenated and deoxygenated blood didnt get mixed up in any case and if this happens it will lead to low energy formation which is not suitable for the mammals like us 

♦ so, our cells are specialised in such a manner that it must suit us and our activities.


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