Is there a mantra to Parvati that one would use with a prayer mala? Could you please spell it phoenetically?  If there isn't one, could you please explain why?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions with enduring practices and traditions. In the Hindu religion, goddesses form an integral part of worship and mantras are a way of communicating a prayer or spiritual message through various sounds which usually have a lyrical quality to them. The mantra "Om" (Aum) is well-known outside Hindu circles but sometimes its power and real meaning is not fully appreciated. 

Parvati is considered to be one of the more nurturing forms of the Goddess Sakhti who is central to all forms of power and the universe. A mantra to Parvati would have a special intention and because Goddess Parvati is representative of love, fertility and devotion, the person or persons performing the mantra would invoke a special blessing primarily related to marriage, marriage partners or troubled marriages. The mantra would be recited daily until such time as it is not required. Parvati herself underwent enormous suffering and "penance" and this would not be overlooked in any mantra to Parvati. Most often, mantras are accompanied by rituals, dedications and offerings for any set number of days. A prayer mala is useful as it is a set of beads which ensures that a person does not lose count of the number of times that the mantra has been recited. 

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several mantras that can be used in regards to the Goddess Parvati.  I believe one such chant would be "Om Shakthi Om" (Aum Shak-thi Aum).   The term "Shakthi" refers to "strength" and this would be quite appropriate to use with Parvati.  When faced with threats from demons, the Gods summoned the Goddess Shakthi, who took the form of Durga Mata as well as the goddess Kali.  These ferocious forms terrified and destroyed the demons and with this, she represents strength, or Shakthi.  Another mantra associated with could be "Om Sri Gauri Namah" (Aum Shree Gawrey Namahey), in recognition for Gauri, a name her husband, Shiva, gave to her.

prajnana | Student

Soundarya-Lahari is the text with mantras on Parvati known by the name Lalitha. These mantras can be chanted

To listen check out

kevincook | Student

There are many i am sharing a link with you you can find the most powerful mantras for goddess parvati.