Is there in literature, as there is in painting, a current that might be called pre raphaelite?

Expert Answers
mrsbundy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, the Pre Raphaelite movement, which began in 1848, had a close allegiance between art and literature. Writers who were part of the Pre Raphaelite movement include Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Christina Rosetti, William Morris, Algernon Charles Swinburne, and George Meredith. Artists and writers of the Pre Raphaelite movement were even encouraged to practice each others' arts.

The Pre Raphaelite movement is considered by some to be the first avante garde movement. The members of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood reacted against the painting style of Raphael in particular, who they felt had corrupted art by using stiff poses. They emphasized the exploration of nature so that it could be replicated in art and literature. The Pre Raphaelites wanted to return to a style that emphasized naturalism and elegant realism. In literature, critics and poets lauded celebrations of real emotion and human interaction.