“There are linkages between deforestation and desertification”. Elucidate  

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Deforestation and desertification are closely related. Deforestation is the practice of cutting down trees. And desertification is the development of desert like conditions in place, where none existed before. 

Tree roots bind the soil in its place and hold it against the forces of nature, such as blowing wind and flowing water. When tress are cut down, the soil is no longer held in its place and is open to wind and water erosion. When the topmost soil layer, which is also the most fertile, is lost further vegetation growth becomes difficult. Loss of trees and top soil cover results in desert like conditions, since newer vegetation growth does not take place, native animal species have to migrate to newer places, rapid water loss and changes in land use take place.

Thus, deforestation is one of the key factors for desertification, the others being, overgrazing, over cultivation, poor irrigation systems.

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