Where and how is irony used in Chekhov's "The Lady With The Pet Dog"?

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The irony is in the fact tht Gurov initiates the affair with Anna for purely physical purposes.  He has no respect for women, they exist to satisfy his pleasure.  When he meets Anna, he wants to have a dalliance, an affair simply for pleasure.Once

"Gurov has discovered true love, he finds himself intolerant of the Moscow social life, a life ‘‘clipped and wingless, an absurd mess.’’

"Gurov learns that he cannot tolerate living a lie and that it was wrong to engage in a superficial relationship with Anna. Similarly, Gurov has learned a moral lesson regarding his attitude towards women in general."

"He has always belittled women, regarding them as the ‘‘inferior race,’’ but throughout the story gains a certain respect for Anna, and regards her as a friend."

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