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There has been controversies around the the role & status of women in Christian thought & practise. Discuss.

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Some Christian churches adhere to what they argue are "traditional," "biblical" roles for women, emphasizing that, while men and women are equal in the sight of God, that there are different roles to be played by each. Others take a more "modern" view of women's roles. Usually, this debate has taken place in the arenas of reproductive rights on the one hand, and the role of women in church leadership on the other. Churches have taken a wide range of positions on these issues. Some churches (like the Roman Catholic Church) discourage contraception, including the birth control pill, and others, while allowing for contraception, view abortion as a sin. A few churches view abortion as a woman's personal choice. Similarly, a wide range of views exists as to women's leadership roles in the church. Some churches ordain female ministers, others do not. 

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