There Is a Garden in Her Face

by Thomas Campion

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In Campion's "There is a Garden in Her Face" Line 8, "Orient" means a. find your way b. lose your way c. Asian d. Western

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The lines referred to in Thomas Campion's "There is a Garden in her Face"  are:

"Those Cherries fayrely doe enclose
Of Orient Pearle a double row ;"

As to the four possible choices of meaning, the second answer b) is not possible because orient does not mean to lose your way under any circumstances. Similarly, one can rule out the fourth choice, d) Western because western is not a possible meaning of Orient (the west is the Occident). The sense of orient meaning to find ones way is a verb, not a noun, and not normally capitalized. `Thus by elimination, c) Asian is the only possible choice. Also, since pearls were obtained from the Orient, and were expensive and exotic jewels, this makes most sense in context.

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