Brave New World Questions and Answers
by Aldous Huxley

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Is there a frame story in "Brave New World"?

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A frame story is a story that literally "frames" the main story, either both at the beginning and the end or just the end or the beginning. Wuthering Heights, for example, is a classic example of this kind of tale, as the main story of Catherine and Heathcliffe is framed by the narration of Lockwood and his sojourn in the moors. Another example is The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, a chilling ghost story, which opens with a framing narrative describing a ghost-story competition before the main story of the haunting of two children begins.

Based on this definition there is no framing story to Brave New World. However, what is of interest in this novel and what is well worth considering is how the narrative shifts away from Bernard, who appears to be the main protagonist at the beginning of the novel, and moves to John, leaving Bernard very much as a side character afterwards.

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