Is there feminism in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"? I need help with a thesis for an essay topic involving feminism in "The Crucible". I need a three point thesis.

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think there is true feminism in The Crucible. For me, my thesis would be a compare and contrast type thesis.  Something like this:

Although elements of feminism appear within Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, true feminism is not actually shown, because the apparent feminists are vindictive, manipulated, and two faced.  

That thesis sets up a two part response.  First, you need to explain the bits of feminism that appear within the play.  For support, use the number of female characters that occupy positions of power.  Especially emphasize Abigail, her group of girls, and Elizabeth Proctor.  The rest of the essay will be about why those powerful women are not true examples of feminism.  Abigail may be a powerful figure, but she uses her power to harm others.  She's more of a villain than feminist.  As for the other girls, they follow Abigail out of fear.  And while Elizabeth has a great deal of power over John and their marriage, that dynamic only happens when the two of them are alone.  In public, she is a meek and mild Puritan follower.  

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