There is diversity within Christianity.  Do Christians differ in how they view the role & status of women?

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There is most certainly diversity within Christianity, and of course Christians differ on the many issues that affect women. First, we should account for the fact that individual Christians do not necessarily have their beliefs determined by the church they belong to. So even people who are members of churches that hold especially conservative views on women may not share the official church position. 

With that said, there is a wide variety of beliefs on the role and status of women. Some evangelicals, including Southern Baptists, do not allow women to serve as ministers, citing a belief that a "woman's role is not identical to men's in every respect." A similar position is held by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. Indeed, the Catholic Church also denies that women or men should use contraception, claiming that to do so is a "deliberate violation of the design God built into the human race."

Other churches take different stances on women's issues. The Methodist, Presbyterian, and the Episcopalian Churches each ordain women as ministers, and most Protestant churches have allowed for the use of contraception. Some churches, including the United Church of Christ, endorse abortion rights. So there exists a very wide range of beliefs among Christian churchs on women's issues.

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In the Christian faith women are appreciated and cherished. A woman was made from a rib of a man but we are still important in a relationship. A woman is supposed to keep their husband focused and help him but she is also supposed to summit herself to her husband. Woman have the freedom to do everything they want but the man is always the one in charge. The man is the head of the house but once a woman and a man come together they are one so they have to make decisions together 

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