Is there a direct connection between an individual's personality type and their overall health?

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There is definitely a connection between a person's personality and health.  Some people are more prone to being depressed, leading them to lead less healthy lives.  Others are prone to stress, and it wreaks havoc on the system and can lead to stroke and heart attack.

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The short answer is yes, there is.  There are such a vast array and number of personality traits that combine to make each person who they are, and many of them are directly related to both the short and long term health of the individual.

Say, for example, a person tends to be what we would call "high strung", or prone to anxiety.  Cumulative stress over years can lead to heart problems, nervous conditions or depression, and is also associated with metabolic rate to some degree.

Say another person is more introspective, and likes to spend time indoors, reading books and generally being alone.  The more sedentary lifestyle associated with that personality may contribute to obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Finally, the person who is generally cheerful, up early in the morning, and generally a positive person tends to live longer and suffer fewer maladies and ailments as they grow older.  So it is pretty easy to argue that personality traits and general health are directly related.

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