There are different types of influences of Maud Gonne and Irish politics on the different phases of Yeats' poetic career. What are the influences?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Questions about Maud Gonne and politics and their influence on the poetry of William Butler Yeats the Irish poet always make me think of 'Prayer For My Daughter.' In this touching poem where Yeats writes his aspirations for his country and for his baby daughter in her crib nearby on a howling stormy night, he wishes for her to have beauty but not so much as to bring disturbance on herself or others who might be influenced by her. He also touches upon those (women?) who let politics and activism harden their sensitivity. Poetry reading is subjectivity, but Maud Gonne swims into my view every time I read this poem from his more sanguine phase.