Are there different types of hurricanes?

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A hurricane is a very large storm that develops over the warm waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There are many factors that have to be working together in order for a hurricane to develop. The temperature of the water and actions of the air produce a spinning system that consists of wind, clouds, and rain.

The Saffir Simpson Scale is the scale that is used to measure hurricanes. There are five categories:

  1. Category One-Minimal-Wind speeds of 74 mph-95 mph
  2. Category Two-Moderate-96 mph-110 mph
  3. Category Three-Extensive-111 mph-130 mph
  4. Category Four-Extreme-131 mph-155 mph
  5. Category Five-Catastrophic-Winds speed in excess of 155 mph

The most catastrophic hurricane occurred in 1900 in Texas. There were over 8,000 deaths.

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There is only one type of hurricane but there are different catagories based on the Saffir-Simpson scale: Wind speed is one determining factor. Storm surge helps to classify them to.

Category 1 - A minimal hurricane with wind speeds of 74-95 mph.

Category 2 - A moderate hurricane, wind speeds of 96-110 mph.

Category 3 - An extensive hurricane, wind speeds of 111-130 mph.

Category 4 - An extreme hurricane, wind speeds of 131-155 mph.

Category 5 - A catastrophic hurricane, wind speeds of more than 155 mph. Camille(1969)  Ivan(2004).

Luckily, category 5 storms are infrequent, they cause the most damage from very high wind speeds and storm surge.

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No, there are different wind intensities and they are called different names in different locations around the world.

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