There is a circular pond with a path around it. The pond has a radius of 5 meters. The path has a width of 1m. What is the area of the path, and please explain how to find it. Give your answer to three significant figures. 

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The pond and the path have a combined radius of 6 meters (the radius of the pond plus the width of the path). Then, find the combined area of the path and the pond by using the formula for the area of a circle . The formula works out to 36.

Now the area of the smaller circle (with radius of 5m) needs to be deducted from the area of the larger circle (with radius of 6m).

`36 pi - 25 pi = 11 pi`  


This renders an answer of 34.56`m^2`  rounded to 2 decimal places and as the question asks for 3 significant figures this needs to be rounded off to 34.6 `m^2`  

Ans: The area of the path is  34.6`m^2` rounded off to three significant figures. 

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