With regard to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, are there chapter questions or a study guide on this site?

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There are, indeed, study guides and chapter questions for the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. On this very page there is a section in the right-hand upper corner which reads Related Content (in green). Right below this is the "Frankenstein Study Guide"; if you will click on this phrase, the study guide should open.(As a precaution, the link will also be given below as www.enotes.com/frankenstein) When this page opens, there are a number of topics available, such as Theme, Character Analysis, Critical Essays, etc.

Regarding chapter questions, these can be attained by the purchase of teaching units from the eBook store. (A link to this is provided below, as well: www.enotes.com/frankenstein-lesson) However, if you wish to, you can easily browse through the multitude of questions on this novel that are under the "Homework Help" that is listed just below the "Frankenstein Study Guide" in the Related Content box above. This link, too, can be accessed below.  There are various questions in this section, many of which specifically ask about certain chapters in the novel.

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