Women Reformers and the Suffragettes

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Is there a better way to word this thesis statement to make it more specifically answer the research questions? Please see below. QUESTION: Why was suffrage denied to women in the United States for so long, and how did the 19th amendment change the role of women? THESIS:   The debate over women’s suffrage stretched from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s, as woman struggled to gain a voice in politics. Suffragists challenged the traditional views of women’s roles and ultimately succeeded in securing the 19th amendment, becoming political players, and inspiring future generations of women to fight for equal rights.

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Yes, there are several things that could stand to be reworded in this thesis statement.

First, consider the questions.

1. "Why was suffrage denied in the United States for so long" contains three important facets; denial of suffrage, the United states, and time. You must be careful to address all three in order to completely answer the question. You should discuss who controlled the voting rights, why they might not want women to vote, how this sentiment was transmitted from one generation to the next, and any uniquely "American" aspects of this trend.

  • Your first sentence doesn't really answer these questions; it provides us with information, but no argument, or a specific response to any of the three facets.

2. "How did the 19th Amendment change the role of women" is a fairly straightforward question; you should state the changes to the law, and the corresponding changes in society, that the 19th Amendment specifically instigated. Consider this in terms of longevity as well; for example,...

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