There are several social movements of significance in the 1800s, like temperance, abolition, women’s rights, and reform of the penal system. Analyze one of these movements and identify why it is significant and who the leaders of the movement were. 

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While you might choose to analyze any of these movements, the women’s rights movement is significant because it helped give women the ability to vote and highlights the tensions that can exist between oppressed groups.

In the 1800s, Elizabeth Cady Stanton became a crucial leader in the women’s rights movement. Stanton was well educated for a woman during the 1800s. She enhanced her education by participating in discussions with her lawyer father and his acquaintances. She went on to marry an abolitionist named Henry Stanton. At a gathering for abolitionists, Stanton met Lucretia Mott. The two teamed up and held the first women’s rights convention in New York in 1848. Some of the issues, like wages, continue to be significant problems today.

The history of the women's rights movement is also significant because it demonstrates how persecuted peoples can sometimes find themselves at odds. For example, Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, another prominent leader in the movement, did not support the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments because they gave Black men the right to vote but not women. Other women, like Lucy Stone, supported the two amendments. They figured that women would soon earn the right to vote anyway. Decades later, in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified and women secured the right to vote.

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