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There are many technological tools for note-taking and exam prep besides. Do an internet search and locate one that you think would be helpful for both online and on-campus students. Research it, and then write 1–2 paragraphs on what you learned and why you think it could be a useful tool in your studies.

When discussing what you learned from research about a technological tool, consider what unique features the tool has and what those features could help you do. For example, the application “Notability” allows users to record live audio and move around handwritten text. This is useful because it lets students reference lectures when studying and engage with resources anyway they want.

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I cannot do this assignment for you, but I am happy to provide you with some ideas to help you get started!

Although this is an abnormal year for education, we are lucky to be living in a time where there are so many technological tools for learning. For example, "Notability" is an application that is useful for students who are learning both remotely and in the classroom. This application can be downloaded on iOS devices and allows students to handwrite notes, type notes, insert documents from external sites, and record. The recording feature would be particularly useful for students learning in the classroom, because they may be able to record lectures (with the professor’s permission) for future reference. The application also allows students to organize their notes just as they would with paper dividers in a physical binder.

This application is also a useful tool because it allows users to do things that they are unable to do without technology. For example, it allows students to write their own notes on top of a professor’s slides or other resources. Users can also easily select text they have handwritten and move it around the page without erasing it. This saves time and allows students to take notes and study in whatever way works best for them.

No matter what tool you choose to research, make sure to not only mention the specific features but give an example of why the features are useful. For example, note how I mentioned that Notability has a record feature and that this feature would be useful for referencing lectures. Analyzing the tool like this will help show what you learned and why it was helpful.

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