Are there any quotes that relate to ego defense mechanisms for The Lord of the Flies?

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I can think of one scene that may be an example of the ego defense mechanism that you are looking for.  There is a type of second election for chief in a meeting called by Jack.  This meeting is found in the chapter entitled "Gift for the Darkness."  Jack says, "Hands up, whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?"  His question is met with silence.  Jack's reaction comes in the form of "humiliating tears."  He covers his pain by disappearing into the woods and saying, "I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you."  When some of the boys find their way to Jack, he is "brilliantly happy." 

Many of Jack's responses are a result of his trying to cover his embarrassment.  When Ralph accuses him of letting the fire go out in Chapter 4, Jack responds that he killed a pig.  When Ralph insists that Jack had let the fire go out, Jack in his anger, hits Piggy. 

Jack uses escape, blame diversion, misplaced anger and violence as mechanism of coping with threats to his ego. 

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