Is there anything that an organization should do after implementing a new flextime policy?

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Whenever a business or other organization puts a new policy in place, it needs to monitor that policy to ensure that it is working properly.  Implementation of a flextime program is no different.  Firms need to be conscientious about making sure that the flextime program is not harming the company or the employees.

First, the firm needs to ensure that productivity is not dropping.  The firm has to make sure that it is able to function just as effectively with its workers coming in at different times as it was when they all worked the same hours. 

Second, the firm needs to ensure that the new program is not leading to a loss of morale in the workforce.  It is possible that those who do not take flextime will feel that they are being cheated.  They may feel that the other workers are not working as hard because they are not always at work.  This can lead to new conflicts between workers and reduced morale.

Finally, the firm needs to be sure that workers who do take flextime are treated fairly.  It has to make sure that they are not passed over for promotion because they are not always at work.  The firm needs to ensure that it does not stigmatize those taking flextime as somehow less dedicated than those who work traditional hours.

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