What does Suyuan Woo wish she could have done before she died in The Joy Luck Club?

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Suyuan Woo wishes that she could be re-united with the two daughters that she felt she had to abandon in China. During the war, Suyuan and all the members of her village were forced to evacuate their homes because the Japanese soldiers invaded that area of the country. While traveling to her husband in another village, she became very sick and weak. Thinking she is going to die, she leaves her two daughters on the roadside with all her valuable possessions hoping that a kind stranger would rescue the children. Later, Suyuan is picked up by a rescue team and sent to the hospital. She fears that her children have not survive and always longs to search for them. After her death, her friends in the Joy Luck Club decide to send a search letter to find Suyuan's children so that they might be reunited with Jing-Mei; Jing-Mei then travels to China to meet them and fulfill her mother's wish.

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