Is there anything beyond the universe?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term “universe” used to mean “all that is.”  Modern astronomers, however, refer to “many universes,” “parallel universes,” etc., the change coming when astronomers began to explore the outer reaches of the product of  “the Big Bang” with infrared telescopes, radio telescopes, and other advanced perception techniques (vast array telescope clusters, satellite telescopes, etc.); they now consider all the energy and matter (including “dark matter” and “dark energy”) from that one explosion to be “a universe.”  The next step is to postulate other Big Bangs and their consequent “universes.”

   One other refinement on the idea of the universe being “everything” is the almost universally held belief that there are “forces” (often personified as “gods”) outside of the “laws of physics” that act on us as physical beings, and may arguably be called not of this universe, although much of this line of thinking is semantics.  The “universe,” as meant by Man up to the 21st century, was “everything,” but now it is, possibly,one of many  (much of the evidence of this view, however, is purely mathematical).

saumya-dave | Student

It could be possible for another dimension to exit beyond ours but I think there is much more than another universe.

astrosonuthird | Student

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richon | Student

The Universe is defined as everything in creation. This basically indicates that there should be nothing outside/beyond of the Universe.

astrosonu | Student

Hello! What a great question? Some Scientists say that there are millons and millions of universe beyond our cosmos. Our universe is a sub universe out of millions of universe in a parent universe which I saw in Discovery Science. And some scientists say that there are only two universe. One is our and the other is the parallel universe same as ours each and everything same, but only 1 difference it is made up of ANTI-MATTER.


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astrosonuthird | Student

Hey! Richon my friend. You are partially correct. But there may be another universe made up of antimatter and if we touch that antimatter.


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bklynqt314 | Student

This is a great question and you can answer it differently depending on what theory you want to follow. According to M-Theory ("Membrane Theory" which is an extension off of String Theory), there are many universes besides our own and they all exist in what is called the Multiverse. According to this theory, when two universes "bump" into each other, they create another universe. Thus, the number of universes in the multiverse is infinitely (and probably exponentially) increasing. These universes are seen to be parallel to our own except that each universe has had something distinctly different about it. In one, Germany might have won WWII and in another, you might not even exist.